InfoPath Form in SharePoint 2013: Part 2 (Form Settings)

SharePoint World by Manpreet

As in my last article we saw all the functionalities related to our forms through Info Path. Now in this article I will show you the settings of InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2013.

Select the “File” menu, you will be able to see all the form settings available.

sharepoint form informationForm Information

First what we will see from our screen below is Publish your form.

Once you are finished designing the form, you can click on Quick Publish, the form will be published and the users can use the form.

publish form in sharepointSubmit Options

Then we have Submit Options.

form submit option in sharepoint

An option to submit the data and storing the data to:

  1. SharePoint List
  2. Send through an Email
  3. In SharePoint Document Library
  4. In a different location using web service
  5. In a different location using web server
  6. Or to a hosting environment
  7. Lastly by Managing Connections

It also gives you an option to display a Submit…

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