Software Vendor Selection – Steps To Find Initial Vendor List

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In my previous post, I put together some information to help you understand your business needs before procuring Enterprise software. I hope information was helpful!

Once you know what you need, you go out and buy it! Right? But, it is not true for purchasing Enterprise software.

Assuming your business needs Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software (Software package). Then, your next steps are

  • To prepare Request for Proposal (RFP). You can find some guidance here
  • Find software vendors to respond to your RFP. (Be strategic about initial selection of vendors. Do not broadcast your RFP to every possible software vendor)

So, how to undertake initial vendor search? detective-311684_1280 It is simple, just follow these steps:

Find Keywords: Find most appropriate keyword that best represents software you are searching. For example, ‘Asset Management System’, ‘Customer Relationship Management System’, ‘Laboratory Management System’ and so on. It can be generic as well (like ERP, Workflow Management System etc.) Once you know keywords, and then start…

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