Apex Metadata API Q&A

Andy in the Cloud

The Apex Metadata API has now been updated to reflect the Metadata API from Winter’15, which means a host of new component types, including the topic on everyones lips, Lightning! Though sadly, my demo around this will have to wait as I hit a platform issue i’ve sent to Salesforce Support to help me with.

This library continues to be incredibly popular, i can get between 1 to 4 questions a week asking how to accomplish certain goals, via my blog and/or issues raised on the GitHub repository. So I’m really pleased to continue to support it and keep it fresh! One day we will get native support for this, but until that day I’ll press on….

A lot of questions i get are around the Apex Metadata API, though almost all are really about using the Metadata API itself regardless of the calling language. So i thought…

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