Selecting the right compliance framework to use with Exchange

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Exchange 2010 upped Microsoft’s game when it came to the out-of-the-box compliance features available in the server. Exchange 2013 builds on that foundation to refine matters through features such as in-place holds and integration with SharePoint 2013; increased integration is available within Office 365 as Exchange and SharePoint Online share features like Data Loss Prevention. However, compelling and cost-effective as the Microsoft offering undoubtedly is, a market still exists for third-party compliance products.

I am frequently asked to recommend one product over another. Invariably, I decline to do so on the basis that a simple recommendation cannot take all of the factors that drive a very complex subject into account. Instead of giving the questioner a one-product answer, I prefer to propose a framework that a company can use to figure out what’s best for them.

The framework I use is composed of some simple but profound questions. Here’s how I…

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