Quick Tip – One s_code.js for Multiple Sites

Web Analytics for Developers

The situation: you are responsible for a couple of sites on different domains. Tracking is pretty much the same on all of these pages, but there are some small differences (e.g. each site tracks into a separate report suite).

A new version of the s_code has come out and you want to update all your sites.

What’s the best way of doing that?

The best way, of course, is to use a Tag Management System, like DTM.

Using a TMS, you can inject the s_code.js file into all your sites, and you can also change it there.

This helps you get around the release schedule, but it doesn’t address the fact that tracking is similar across your sites. What if 95% of the tracking is the same? Do you really have to touch every site just because something has changed in that part of the code?

Slice it!


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