TXT to email with in SFDC? OMG!


Sadly (or not) the title of this blog is the extent of my cool kid text message talk (LOLZ). Thankfully, my Salesforce skills are way more impressive than my texting skills.


I know this is new years day +5, so I figured I would keep this post nice and light. I am going to talk about how you (Yes, You!) can use the email to SMS functionality with in a flow to send information to your users.

Here  is a great article from Popular Mechanics (One of my favorites growing up!)…from 2009 that explains how this works. Yeppers, this has been out for along time. The nuts and bolts is that every cell phone has an email address. The caveat here is that you need to know the provider. So, for example, if your cell phone number is 555-555-5555 and you are on Verizon, you can send an email to…

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