Using Amazon S3 with the AWS.NET API Part 6: S3 in Big Data II

Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes


In the previous post we discussed how S3 can be incorporated as a storage mechanism in our overall Big Data infrastructure. We laid out the strategy for naming and storing raw data files and folders. In this post we’ll implement this strategy in the Amazon Kinesis client demo app which we worked on in this series on Amazon Kinesis.

Have that Kinesis client demo app open in Visual Studio and let’s get to work!


Log onto S3 and create a top bucket where all raw data files will be saved. Let’s call the bucket “raw-urls-data”.

We’ll add a couple of new methods to WebTransaction.cs of AmazonKinesisConsumer that will be used during the S3 persistence process.

Insert this private method to convert a Unix timestamp to a .NET DateTime – this will be available in C# 6 by default but we’ll need to survive with such workarounds for the…

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