Complexity – The Silent IT Challenge (Part 1 of 2)

Thoughtful Technology

There is an unspoken challenge that continues to plague IT and that challenge is complexity. This is one of the largest detractors from the success of IT and gets very little attention. There are many reasons why complexity is overlooked ranging from the pressure of acting too quickly to being overwhelmed with legacy software and/or technologies. Nonetheless, complexity exists and continues to grow. It has to be addressed to enable IT to surpass business expectations in this digital age.

If you haven’t noticed the IT landscape is more diverse than ever. Complexity is compounding as IT attempts to keep up with the business while leveraging new service delivery models (e.g., SaaS or IaaS) and modernizing the foundation. Does this sound familiar? Today’s technology landscape is comprised of physical servers, bare metal servers, virtual servers, physical switches, virtual switches, virtual storage, flash storage, hypervisors, containers, cloud platforms, Software Defined Networks (SDN)…

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