Invoking a Workflow using Repeating Component Request (RCR) in Siebel


Invoking a Workflow using Repeating Component Request (RCR) in Siebel

RCR is used whenever a periodic repetition of tasks is required.

For example : A daily reminder about pending activities

NB : RCR can only be tested using server

Step 1: Create a Workflow that carries out  the task to be performed

eg: Workflow to count number of pending activities and display the same


Step 2: Publish and activate the workflow

Step 3: Navigate to Administration-Server Management > Jobs

Create a new Record in jobs list with the following details



Component/Job : Workflow Process Manager

Scheduled Start : <Required date and Time>

Repeating : Checked

Repeat Unit : <Unit of periodicity>

Repeat interval : <Frequency of repetition>

Add a new Record in Job Parameters as

Name : Workflow Process Name

Value : <Name of the workflow>

Step 4 : Submit the Job

RCR is now successfully configured

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