Command-line tools via Python and Cocoa

Managing OS X

This post is based on a column I wrote for MacTech magazine in 2012. MacTech used to make older columns available online, but they haven’t done that for the past several years for some reason.
I’m planning to go through my older columns and dust off and republish some that I think are still relevant or useful.

Cocoa-Python, also referred to as PyObjC, is a set of Python modules and glue code that allow Python programmers to access many of Apple’s Cocoa frameworks. This allows you to do many things from Python scripting that might otherwise require compiling code in C/Objective-C. To access the Cocoa frameworks, you import them by name, just as you might import a regular Python module.

A quick example: the CoreFoundation framework contains methods to work with user preferences, a bit like the /usr/bin/defaults tool. We can use the CFPreferencesCopyAppValue function in Python simply by importing…

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