Excel VBA – Copy And Paste (Special) Without Using The Clipboard

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I tend to find myself prototyping tools for our users within Excel, by far and away their favourite tool. I have a nice little wrapper for exposing C# functions as Worksheet functions and a slowly growing universe of VBA snippets for making automation and creation of these workbooks quickly.

Most of the time these spread sheets are parsing input data files, reshaping and spitting them out. I have started using Alteryx for a lot of this boring data transformation and preparation. Its a fantastic tool but not everyone has access to it. The guys at The Information Lab run a fantastic introductory course on Alteryx so if this something you end up doing a lot well worth looking into.

Anyway back to Excel and VBA. I always stick by a few basic rules when automating spread sheet (nothing revolutionary but tends to mean I don’t have to do much maintenance…

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