Organisational Dinosaurs: how big they are, how dead they’ll be

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Evolution is about adaptation to environmental pressure. It’s a dance between mutation and opportunism as we find the shape that best fits the environment we inhabit. As the environment changes: we evolve. Failure means extinction: redundancy as we are out competed and outperformed.

Organisational Dinosaurs: IT and Learning

In the Social Age, the environmental pressure is increasing: the new nature of work, the impacts of technology, the need for agility and the risk of lethargy. To learn is to change and there’s never been a better time to try.

But change starts inside, and there’s nowhere better to look than the Learning function and the IT team.

Historically, both had clearly defined roles. In the Social Age, both must change beyond recognition.

Learning used to be about defining stories, creating experiences and then doing it to people. It used to be about logistics and subject matter experts. It used to own…

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