When you build a report, always provide a guide

Fish for Metrics

You’ll find few fans of Salesforce reporting bigger than me but it does have its limitations. Sooner or later, every Salesforce user or admin is going to want to grab some Salesforce data, export it, get it into Excel, and mess around with it. This happens every day, every hour, all the time. Using Excel or another tool to get more out of your Salesforce data is great — it shouldn’t matter what tool you use, it’s your data, make the most of it!

The only problem is, once the data is in Excel, it’s easier for it to get confused. Why do the numbers in your spreadsheet not match mine? Is this an Opportunities report or an Account report? Wait, did I pull this based on Close Date or Open Date? If you’re spending time on answering questions like that, you’re missing out on time that could be spent…

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