Improving Performance in Excel and Power View Reports with a Power Pivot Data Source

Data Savvy

On a recent project at work, I ran into some performance issues with reports in Excel built against a Power Pivot model. I had 2 Power Views and 2 Excel pivot table reports, of which both Excel reports were slow and one Power View was slow. I did some research on how to improve performance to make the reports return results more quickly, and I found some great resources that I’ve compiled here in the hopes that they help you as well.

Purposeful Sorting of Source Queries

Alberto Ferrari suggests that you check the sorting and design of the tables you import into Power Pivot.  It seems that sort order does not significantly affect the final size of the data in Power Pivot, but it can affect performance when querying the model. I believe the goal is to order the columns based upon the number of distinct values ascending. I didn’t see…

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