More about Receiving Emails Through Apex

Sara Has No Limits

The post I wrote about Receiving and Sending Emails through Apex two years ago has continued to be the most popular post on this blog. So, for all of you that are obviously very interested in this subject, here are some more tips about working with Inbound Emails. In a follow-up post to this one, I will write more about what to consider when sending Outbound Emails.

Creating the Inbound Email Service Handler Class

For starters, the IDE provides a neat little template for creating an inbound email service handler class. This gives you a head start on creating your inbound email service. To use it just create a new Apex class and select the template drop down box (see image below).


Using the template will get you a class file that looks like the following. This is a good starting point.

/** * Email services are automated processes that use Apex…

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