Spring’15 is here – Some unknown issues

Agustina odeian

When I arrived at work last Monday, I could realice that most of our Development orgs were upgraded to Spring ’15 version during the weekend. That was a fantastic new, as we could start using new features that the new release offers.

I would like to talk more about some nice enhancements that Spring’15 brings to us, but these posts will be written in the future. Today I would like to mention a couple of changes that I found and made me also need to contact Salesforce.

Running some of our code that was working without issues on Winter’15, suddenly was failing and since the upgrade was the only change that we applied since last week, we started to think that the new behavior could be due to the upgrade.

As usual, my first try was to look for it on google, and it happened something complete new for me…

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