Using Amazon Elastic MapReduce with the AWS.NET API Part 2: the cluster startup GUI

Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes


In the previous post we went through a quick introduction of Amazon Elastic MapReduce. In this post we’ll very shortly describe Hadoop first. Then we’ll log into EMR and go through the long section in the GUI which you fill in to specify the details of your cluster.

If you are entirely new to Hadoop and Amazon Web Services then you’ll see a lot of new tools mentioned on this page that hide some complex applications with their own learning curves. So get ready for a lot of reading and research. It can be of great help if you have people in your organisation who already have some prior knowledge of AWS when starting with EMR.

What is Hadoop at all?

Apache Hadoop is an important player in the world of Big Data. Although we’ll be concentrating more on EMR with .NET, i.e. this is not a series built…

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