Pivot what?

Data Shmata

Table. A pivot table. Nope, its not a rotating table as the name suggests (but that would certainly be handy).

It’s a nifty feature in Excel that allows you to extract, group and summarise certain bits of information from your dataset that you are interested in. I am rapidly learning that pivot tables are key to almost all data projects.

A lot of the time you’ll be working with huge datasets, but only want to focus on one or a handful of aspects of it. It can be a bit cumbersome trying to analyse these whilst they’re surrounded by masses of data that you don’t care about. Using pivot tables, you can look at only the info that you want to and in a separate, easy to access table.

My dataset was in a Google Spreadsheet instead of Excel, so I’ll be using that (It’s just Googles own version of…

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