Enterprise Architecture’s New Clothes

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A Changing Role for EA in Application Modernization

By Andrew Doble,Global Product Manager Digital Transformation, CSC

Danny Weinberger, Lead Enterprise Architect Central Europe, CSC

MonitorsDigital as a trend is continuing its inexorable march into the enterprise, a fact that has not escaped the attention of many CIOs. According to the latest CSC CIO survey, a large proportion of CIOs is investing in new technologies to drive business innovation forward in their organizations.

However, in working with our clients, we are finding that the issue of using new technologies is only part of the story. To become truly digital organizations and fully exploit new technologies and outside-in forces, they also have to change how their IT organization is organized, including IT’s (increasingly blurring) relationship with the rest of the organization.

One group that is heavily affected by any digital transformation is the enterprise architect (EA) group. Although this group is…

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