Process Builder – Update Contact Address From Account

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@ZacharyJeans wants to know how this would work.

Here is a really rough walkthrough, which I will tidy up later.

Create New Process

Create the process and set it to fire on create & update of a Contact record.  Remember though that in a nice clean Salesforce environment, when the new Contact is displayed it defaults the address fields from the owning Account.  So this is more a scenario for updates.


Add Criteria

Depending on the scenario, you can set the filter conditions as needed.  Here I am working with just the street and postal code.  Thanks to the new feature in Process Builder, we can “OR” these conditions.

In a real situation my preference here would be to have a formula field checkbox outside of the process which I would used to model the criteria.  I’d call the field something like “Update Contact Address Required”.  But for now, let’s…

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