SpriteKit with Swift: Introducing the Level Editor


About: This project uses SpriteKit’s level editor interface to create a sandbox for experimenting with various SpriteKit features, including physics interactions and responding to touches. It is intended to be a surface-level introduction to the level editor so you can get setup and start playing around quickly and easily.

This project was created in Xcode 6.1.1 using the Swift programming language. The full project can be found here.

Initial Setup

Open Xcode and create a new project (⇧ + ⌘ + N) for an iOS Game. Setup your project with the following settings:

  • Product Name: DemoSpritePlayground (or whatever name you want)
  • Language: Swift
  • Game Technology: SpriteKit
  • Devices: iPad

I also limited my project to Landscape-only orientation for simplicity’s sake. You can change these settings by selecting the project (top-level) in the file browser and checking/unchecking the boxes under Deployment Info.

Project Resources


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