Create Folder in AWS S3 Bucket Using PHP Code

Aftab Muni


To create folder in AWS S3 bucket, first you need is S3 connection object.
Now we will create S3 object:

try {
        $s3Client = S3Client::factory(array(
            'key'    => API_KEY,
            'secret' => API_SECRET
    } catch (S3Exception $e) {
        echo CONNECT_S3;

NOTE: We will put connection code in try catch to know the error if occurred.

Now we will create folder using following:

   'Bucket'       => BUCKET, // Defines name of Bucket
   'Key'          => "pictures/", //Defines Folder name
   'Body'       => "",
   'ACL'          => 'public-read' // Defines Permission to that folder

Here if there is no such folder in the given bucket, then it will create folder in it or else it will not.

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