Create Frameworks, Not Process

Agile Product Development

Processes tell people what to do. 
Frameworks guide people how to act. 
Processes insist on discipline. 
Frameworks allow for creativity.
I am a big believer in creating frameworks over processes. In my experience leading teams and managing PMOs, creating a shared understanding is the most important part of creating a repeatable delivery model.

Let me level set. A shared understanding means we understand the goals and priorities of our release, how decisions are deliberated and ultimately resolved. Creating a framework so that everyone involved in the solution has a shared understanding. A repeatable delivery model is a consistent approach to how projects are initiated, sized, scheduled and executed. However, having consistent approach does not mean it follows a one-size fits all.

A repeatable delivery model is essential in creating trust b/t stakeholders and building an organization that ships product. It is the difference between  being plan driven and value driven…

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