Salesforce Actions

Agustina odeian

Have you ever tried to look for Salesforce Actions in google? Unless you are completely sure what you are looking for, you can be lost reading many entries that talk about different features.

This new post will cover these points and also show examples using them.

  1. Global Actions variables
  2. Action attributes on Visualforce pages
  3. Chatter Actions
  4. Quick Actions
  5. Invocable Actions with APIs

Global variables help you to show general information about the current user and the organization. They are used on Visualforce pages, with the syntax {$GlobalVariable.Value}

But here, we will focus on the Action one, that allows you to refer Standard Actions related to an object like create, edit, update or delete. For instance, this piece of code will show a link in a page that goes to a New Account Standard UI page:

    <apex:outputLink value="{!URLFOR($Action.Account.New)}">
        Create New Account


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