’s LiveAgent Chat

Pundit BI

After being a long time customer of LivePerson, we have switched to Live Agent as we now have this included in our edition. After reading through the I felt confident we could set this all up quickly. Implementing Live Agent and being able to chat, was super easy…almost too easy.
What took a bit of time was working through creating the pre-chat form and setting up the process to create a lead if a contact record was not found.
After attempting to figure this out myself and not successfully getting the lead record to create, I went to a developer’s best friend, Google.
Between these three blogs: Live Agent Pre-Chat API , Salesforce Live Agent Review & Customization & Extending the Salesforce LiveAgent pre-chat form through javascript and VF Remoting;the developer guide, and some additional searches on javascript, I’ve created a beautiful pre-chat survey, it searches for contacts, and…

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