Using Apache Jena With Netbeans

Roving Reverie

So it is GSoC time and I came across an interesting project which deals with linked data. In order to apply for it, I had to get Jena, a Java library for handling RDF graphs. The documentation provides info on how to configure Eclipse to use it. But Eclipse is not really my choice for an IDE. I prefer Netbeans. So I wanted to configure Jena to be used in Netbeans. Most of the resources I looked up suggested using Maven. But I wasn’t interested in that. After a bit of tinkering around, I managed to get it configured as a library in Netbeans. It is quite easy actually.

Go to Tools -> Libraries and create a new library called Jena. In the classpath tab, go to ‘Add Jar/Folder’ and navigate to the path where you extracted Jena and go to the ‘lib’ folder. Select all the jar files…

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