Minecraft Programming – Learning to Build Things with Array

Code - and rule the world

Today we learn how to use array to create boxes in Minecraft. We have learned how to use box and box0 before, and today we give boxa (or box array) a try.

The kids are now getting better at typing codes 🙂 They typed it fast with very few typos.


And this is how the teacher works, using more than one computer, and if necessary, she will uses three 😀


This is the coding for creating arrays of boxes,


.. and this one is the coding to create colored triangle


And these are the result! Basically boxa picks the kind of box defined in the array and uses it alternately, depends on the weight, height and length.

Tangkapan layar 2015-04-04 09.44.22

By using boxa we now can make a 3D colored-triangle

Tangkapan layar 2015-04-04 09.43.22

like we did in 2D before 😉


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