Unit Testing, Apex Enterprise Patterns and ApexMocks – Part 2

Andy in the Cloud

In Part 1 of this blog series i introduced a new means of applying true unit testing to Apex code leveraging the Apex Enterprise Patterns. Covering the differences between true unit testing vs integration testing and how the lines can get a little blurred when writing Apex test methods.

If your following along you should be all set to start writing true unit tests against your controller, service and domain classes. Leveraging the inbuilt dependency injection framework provided by the Application class introduced in the last blog. By injecting mock implementations of service, domain, selector and unit of work classes accordingly.

What are Mock classes and why do i need them?

Depending on the type of class your unit testing you’ll need to mock different dependencies so that you don’t have to worry about the data setup of those classes while your busy putting your hard work in to testing your specific class.

Unit Testing


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