Getting Started with Web APIs Using Python

CoderDojo Metuchen

Once you get past the basics of learning a new programming language, all the interesting stuff happens by using what are called APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and frameworks.

This is what takes you past just writing programs with loops, variables, and “print” statements, to being able to write programs that interface with the user (GUI interface), control features on your mobile device, get data from databases or web services, and do stuff like animation.

Codecademy has lots of great tutorials on programming and markup languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, CSS, HTML, and PHP. But then they also take it a step further and provide tutorials on a few JavaScript frameworks (e.g., jQuery and AngularJS). These frameworks can save you a lot of work by making it easy to do cool stuff like create a dynamic web page where UI elements move, fade, and change in various ways.

And then…

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