rssnapshot – How to backup files / website to remote backup location?

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How to backup files from one server to another server using rssnapshot?


In this tutorial, we will setup backup in on server, which will pull data from main server as  backup files. This way, if the main server goes offline, all our important files will be there in backup server. For this we will use ‘rsnapshot’. rsnapshot is based on rsync and can be used to backup in remote server or different server.

Since we are backing up in stand alone or different server, all the setup we are doing is in backup server. Before we start with rsnapshot make sure your backup server has ssh access to your main server. To enable ssh in backup server please read this article to create ssh login.

We also need third party repository called EPEL, so that we can install rsnapshot by ‘yum’ command.

1) Install rsnapshot via Yum:

yum install rsnapshot

if you get…

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