Swift Swift: Using The Navigation Bar Title and Back button.

Make App Pie

In writing the Swift Swift View Controllers book, it came to my attention many people don’t understand the functionality of the navigation toolbar’s title and Back button. In an early part of writing, I planned to skip the topic as a minor detail  so I could get the book done and published. However, the built-in features of the navigation toolbar make it a powerful and useful feature that can’t be missed.

Setting Up the Storyboard

Open up a new single view project named NavBarDemo using Swift as the language and Universal device. Go to the storyboard and click the view controller icon in the scene. In the drop down menu, select Editor>Embed in>Navigation controller. Drag two buttons, one labeled Pizza and the other labeled Pasta out to the scene. Make the Pizza button white text on a red background. Make the Pasta button white text on a blue background…

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