Bill Generation using Integer Optimisation

Experiences of Partha Majumdar

Linear Programming is a powerful method for finding optimised solutions. It is intricately complex and needs specialised study. However, simple and everyday use tools like Microsoft Excel can be used to solve reasonably complex Integer Optimisation problems.

Below is an illustration. For purpose of illustration, the problem has been simplified and the number of variables and constraints has been kept small.

We consider a Telecom Company which needs issuing Bills to its 30,00,000 (30 Lakhs or 3 million) Customers. Suppose that the Telecom Company uses 4 machines for generating the bills. Each machine has different capacities for Bill Generation as is given in the table below.


Further suppose that the Telecom Company has divided its Customers into 10 Bill Cities or Bill Zones. This implies that the Telecom Company would like to generate the Bills for all the Customers of a single Bill City through a single process. So, all the…

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