Filemaker 13: Fast Portal Sorting and Filtering for WebDirect

Salient Noise

The problem:

Filemaker’s default and most feature rich way for navigating lists of records is the List View but it lacks flexibility in user interface design. There is no way to add left or right margin elements.

Portals look good, but by default filtering and sorting of records appears fairly fixed and limited.

I have tried many methods of achieving a flexible and fast way to dynamically filter and sort records in a portal and have settled on the following method for its speed and reliability using WebDirect.

The Solution:

I now have a dynamic portal viewer that gives me:

  • Any number of filtering options
  • Simple sorting by any column in ascending or descending order
  • A comfortably responsive user interface over the network

The main thing for using FileMaker over a network is that the portal should be allowed to filter the results before sorting takes place, as this can dramatically reduce…

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