Layout to database 2: Building a Database by Script

The Eclectic Light Company

Having found order in your InDesign documents (the previous article in this two-part series), you now need to turn their data into a database.

I have now used the first of three days allowed to rescue content from thousands of InDesign forms. As I entered the second day, I had converted each document into a nest of IDML content, and next needed to build that into the database.

Sometimes it is easiest to import data, as individual records or a collated list of records, using a common file format. FileMaker Pro has good support for this, accepting plain text separated by tabs or commas, or structured XML. As my records were largely text, sometimes several hundred words long, the prospect of assembling them into files for import was not attractive.

XML would probably have worked, and full details of the FMPXMLResult DTD are available to help that. But I am…

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