Bucketing multiple marketing channels in reports

]onathan Bernd Cloud Consulting

Best practice is to keep your ‘Lead Source’ field relatively small with just the major channels you use. Otherwise, if you have a large marketing budget utilizing multiple channels, you will run out of individual picklist values and/or make the list unmanageable.

If you want to make a dependent picklist(s) to contain all your granular channel values, that is a good idea. It makes one type of grouping easy in reports (channel type).  For example, your lead source value may be ‘Radio’ and your dependent picklist values could be the radio stations you use. You could even add a holder for hours (morning, drive-time, etc.).

But what do you do when you want to ‘slice and dice’ in reporting? Let’s say you want to group by geographic area of channels (e.g. radio stations and newspapers in a certain city). There are limits on the number of bucket values you can…

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