Excel Subtotal Function and Conditional Formatting

Sean T. Scott

In my previous article about the Subtotal function, I promised I would follow up with one of my favorite hacks: using the subtotal function with conditional formatting. Prepare to be dazzled as I show you how to use the Subtotal function with conditional formatting to group rows to make them easier to read.

However, before we go there, I should mention that, even though the Subtotal was first released in Excel 2007, it was actually deprecated in 2010 with the addition of the Aggregate function. The Aggregate function is similar to Subtotal, but even more powerful. I continue to use Subtotal because, although it has been deprecated, it is still available. Using Subtotal allows my spreadsheets to be used by all versions of Excel from 2007 and on; which still has a significant user base.

I haven’t actually tried it, but if you want to use the aggregate function, I can’t…

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