HealthKit for iOS8: Part 5

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Jumping right in, our Energy view controller class starts out like this:

import Foundation

import UIKit

import HealthKit

class EnergyViewController: UITableViewController {

var energyFormatter: NSEnergyFormatter {

var energyFormatter: NSEnergyFormatter?

var onceToken: dispatch_once_t = 0

dispatch_once(&onceToken, {

energyFormatter = NSEnergyFormatter()

energyFormatter?.unitStyle = NSFormattingUnitStyle.Long

energyFormatter?.forFoodEnergyUse = true

energyFormatter?.numberFormatter.maximumFractionDigits = 2


return energyFormatter!


// No required initWithCoder pasted in...

var  healthStore:HKHealthStore?

@IBOutlet weak var activeEnergyBurnedValueLabel: UILabel?

@IBOutlet weak var restingEnergyBurnedValueLabel: UILabel?

@IBOutlet weak var consumedEnergyValueLabel: UILabel?

@IBOutlet weak var netEnergyValueLabel: UILabel?

var activeEnergyBurned: Double = 0

var restingEnergyBurned: Double = 0

var consumedEnergy: Double = 0

var netEnergy: Double = 0


We take care of our imports, subclass UITableViewController, create our NSEnergyFormatter again, our health store property and then we create 4 UILabel outlets to display the values and 4 Doubles to store our energy values to be displayed.  What we are going to do here is…

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