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Developing a FileSystemWatcher for OS X by using FSEvents with Swift 2.0

Beecome Digital

When Swift was announced at WWDC 2014, I was very disappointed to not be able to use some of powerful C APIs such as FSEvents, to write applications in pure Swift language.

A lot of C APIs needs a C function pointer to pass a callback function when you use the API. From Swift 1.0 to Swift 1.2, it was not possible to use C function pointer in pure Swift language.

It was possible to use FSEvents by wrapping it in an Objective-C class, and by calling this class in Swift by using the bridging features offered by the language, but it was not what I attempted to accomplish.

But things change and at WWDC 2015, Apple announced the possibility to use C function pointers with Swift 2.0.

Today I’m very pleased to give you a sample code which is a good starting point to create your own FileSystemWatcher using…

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SharePoint document templates: A solution to the one-template-per-content-type problem?

Discovering SharePoint

One of our customers was upgrading their intranet from SP2010 to 2013, and wanted help improving their document management solution simultaneously. Their current solution already had a lot of document templates, and since we wanted to merge some of the libraries having different templates, we were looking at a situation of having libraries with perhaps 30-50 templates, which in SharePoint means 30-50 content types. Not only would this be a pain to maintain, it also makes it much harder for users to use the templates. And let’s face it, managing document templates in SharePoint is already an awful experience, even with just a few templates to manage. In this case, as in most, the metadata from SharePoint had to be visible in the documents created using the templates as well. That meant having quick parts in the templates with a connection to the fields in the SharePoint library. So, in a conversation with…

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Slides: Replacing your Fileshare with SharePoint 2013 Farm #suguk

Chirag Patel @techChirag Office 365 | SharePoint | Azure

This week on Thursday 25 June, I had a pleasure of presenting a SharePoint session at SharePoint User Group UK (London) event hosted at Microsoft Offices in Victoria, London. Just wanted to say thanks to the organisers (Symon Garfield, Paul Hunt and Nigel Price) for putting the event together and pizzas sponsored by Combined Knowledge Ltd.

My session Replacing your Fileshare with SharePoint 2013 Farm slides are uploaded at Slideshare and hope you found the session informative.

Thanks for attending my session!

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Salesforce Standard Reporting (2 of 3) – Report Builder

Audit9 - Cloud Architects

This post is the second in the Salesforce Standard Reporting series and serves to outline the capabilities and constraints of the standard Report Builder. I’m using the term Report Builder loosely here as a term that groups the majority of the on-platform standard reporting capabilities.

The key message of this series is simple; a solid understanding of how the Salesforce standard reporting tools work in practice, and the reporting patterns supported, can avoid the necessity to employ additional, expensive off-platform reporting tools. The earlier this thinking is applied, the greater the likelihood of success.

Report Builder Capabilities
The following sections outline the key capabilities of the Report Builder with a view to establishing the context within which the supported reporting patterns can be described.

  • Fields
  • The right-hand-side of the Report Builder UI displays the sections and fields defined within the selected Report Type. All reports are based on one principal…

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Linux tutorijal 01


U ovoj epizodi tutorijala o Linuxu, bice reci o osnovama Linuxa.
Bice u kratkim crtama opisani razlika open source softvera u odnosu na vlasnicki softver.
Zatim, slede kratki prikazi XFCE grafickog okruzenja i Ubuntu Software Center.

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Types of Methods in Java

humanoid readable

So in Java there are many kinds of methods. I probably won’t even list half of them but I try to explain how different methods can be.

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Dropdown or Select Box Navigation with javascript


<form action="">
<select onchange="[this.selectedIndex].value,'_top')">
    <option value="">Please Choose</option>
    <option value="">Facebook</option>
    <option value="">YAHOO</option>
    <option value="">GOOGLE</option>

With Radio Buttons

<form action="../">
    <p><b>Choose a destination:</b><br>
    <input type="RADIO" value=""     name="userChoice" id="navRadio01">
        <label for="navRadio01">YAHOO</label><br>
    <input type="RADIO" value=""    name="userChoice" id="navRadio02">
        <label for="navRadio02">GOOGLE</label><br>
    <input type="RADIO" value="" name="userChoice" id="navRadio03">
        <label for="navRadio03">ALTAVISTA</label><br>
    <input type="RADIO" value=""    name="userChoice" id="navRadio04">
        <label for="navRadio04">AMAZON</label><br>
    <input type="RADIO" value=""       name="userChoice" id="navRadio05">
        <label for="navRadio05">ARTLUNG</label><br>
<--the onclick value below must all be on one line-->
<input type="BUTTON"
    value="Go there!"

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