Automating Org Setup via Process Builder and Metadata API

Andy in the Cloud

ApexPBLikeAs those of you following my blog will know i’ve been exploring Invocable Methods. Having submitted a session abstract to this years Salesforce1 World Tour London event and had it selected. I set about building out some more use cases to demonstrate them. This blog goes into more detail into one of two i had the pleasure of presenting alongside fellow MVP Simon Goodyear. Simon presented an awesome Twillio integration, allowing the sending of SMS messages from Process Builder! You can view the slide deck here.

In the end the use case I developed for the session attempts to fill a current Admin gap i came across on Ideas Exchange. The idea to provide Universal Picklists has been around a while and looks like its finally getting some attention given some encouraging comments by the Product Manager recently. Still please help further by up voting!

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