Excel Tables 12 – Standard Operating Procedure

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Finally, here is a proven set of best practices to make your Excel usage simpler, faster and more accurate.


Photo credit: Maurizio Mori / Foter / CC BY-NC

Applied Knowledge

We have learnt many things about how Excel Tables can make our life easier and more accurate. But just having the knowledge is not enough. We have to apply it to our day-to-day ensure that the knowledge is actually giving us better results.

Many of your colleagues will not know about tables. Of course, you will try to teach them. But it is not possible to teach everyone.

Therefore, let us simplify it for them. Let us have a simple mechanism which can be followed by everyone – even if they don’t know all these benefits of Tables.

That is how you standardize useful and beneficial behavior. Of course, if someone resists using it, you can point them to these…

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