Managing offline access for Outlook Web App

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Offline access is one of the premier new features offered by Outlook Web App (OWA) in Exchange 2013 and Exchange Online. I have had the need to use OWA offline many times and think it is a very usable client, especially over low-speed or flaky Wi-Fi connections. Of course, Outlook’s adoption of MAPI over HTTP is an effort to improve that client’s ability to cope with the same kind of connections. It remains to be seen how this really works out in practice, but first signs are promising.

When I first wrote about OWA offline in December 2012, I described how different browsers implement the databases used to cache mailbox data and how this information needed to be protected because it could be exposed by an attacker who managed to gain access to a PC. BitLocker, which can be enabled on a PC even if the system is…

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