SLD in your browser



A standard way to style any OGC layer is using SLD. Styled Layer Descriptors.

The Styled Layer Descriptors are a simple (and standard) way to style your web maps. But when you style you also want to generate a nice legend for it.

I recently found myself with the situation of reworking a website styling code. Instead of writing it from scratch we used existing pieces to cleanly fill our webapp divs with the correct legend.

SLDs can be generated by hand (if you are brave enough), or using any of the software the supports it:

  • OpenJUMP
  • uDig
  • AtlasStyler SLD editor
  • Gaia
  • QGIS
  • …?

Thankfully QGis is one of them 😀 so we are good to go in this case. You can find about the Qgis Styler in Anita’s blog.


We have an SLD. And we simply want to fill a div with a plain legend representing that…

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