Be One with the Platform through Custom Metadata

Andy in the Cloud

Whats more exciting than using the platform to build great solutions? Extending it!

Custom Metadata (GA in Summer’15) came about through Salesforce’s realisation that there is a new breed of solutions being built on the platform that aim to extend its capabilities for use by admins to help them build even more complex solutions without code. Hence its original code name ‘Platform on Platform‘ (which i am still quite fond of btw).  You can read more about my thoughts on such applications A Declarative Rollup Summary Tool for Lookup Relationships and my blog on Declarative Thinking: Apps to build Apps.

Such solutions leverage Custom Objects or Custom Settings as a means to store configuration. The point here, is this is really configuration not end user data. So when it came time to migrate such configuration from a Sandbox to Production, Change Set…

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