GitHub + ZenHub : Project management where your developers are

Cristina Santamarina

When I joined my current project, eHealth Africa, I faced the same problem any project management faces at the beginning of any project. Understanding the project management tool, understanding the conventions already used by the team and finding my way around it was a bit harder than usually.

I have worked with all of them: spreadsheets, jira, basecamp, redmine, ms project… and none of them quite cut it., the tool eHealth used to manage software development by the time I joined, wasn’t much better. It was actually quite bad for our use case.

Where’s my board?

I am a believer in tickets and boards (check my posts ‘no ticket no party‘ and ‘pm tools: the kanban board‘ if you missed them) and also believe that project management should be as easy as possible for developers.

Some months ago I stumbled upon a blog post

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