Read and Edit OpenXml Docs (Word, Excel, etc.) in Windows 10 with c#

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It is often useful to be able examine and edit Microsoft Office Documents in your own applications. Office Documents have being using the OpenXml format for some time now, in this post I’ll demonstrate how you can read and manipulate the data.

NB For more information, and to download some great tools including the Open , visit

Reading data from Excel

NB For some reason you CANNOT use any other code to read a document if the document is already open in an Office Product, in this case Excel. If you get AccessDenied then check the document isn’t already open.

Consider the following spread-sheet;


I’ve saved this document as Book1.xlsx. If you haven’t downloaded the Open XML SDK 2.5 for Microsoft Office tools then rename the document to and open the Zip. I am not going to go into great depth about how the document packaging works, see…

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