Salesforce SOQL is not SQL — codecracksblog

Salesforce SOQL query is not working same way as SQL server Data Base query. why? Salesforce using Multitenant Architecture – Many organization using single instance including data base but each org will have their own virtual hardwares. Salesforce using platform – It is metadata driven architecture. Query language directly integrated with Apex so no […]

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Suppose we have a javaScript data and that we need to process this data on another page. Here, we need to move the data between pages in a specific format. Typically, plain text or “XML” was used for this. Because the “XML” format is difficult to interpret, a more easily interpreted data format was generated […]

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What is JSON Data? — Learning

What is JSON Data? A JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) Data is a data containing object and Array. JSON data is mainly used for exchange data from the server to web Application or Mobile Application. it is a stander Data exchange format. JSON is very lightweight, text-based, human-readable, easily editable with any text editor. Read more about JSON […]

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Tableau vs Excel — Aarif Billah

In short, I think excel will wins. Tableau Software has been in business since 2004. They hope to reach record revenues of $1.4 billion in 2019 but aren’t profitable. Microsoft is highly profitable and motivated to make certain nothing replaces its Excel hegemony. Rather than replacing Excel in the next few years, it is much […]

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Highlighting Top X values with Icon Set in #Excel — wmfexcel

This post is a continuation of the previous one – Highlighting Top X values with Conditional Formatting in #Excel So I will go straight to the point. For background information, please read the previous post. 🙂 To insert Icon Set Select the data range –> Go to Home Tab –> Conditional Formatting –> Icon Sets Choose […]

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