Automate Chatter Post That @Mentions Several Users — Jenwlee’s Salesforce Blog

[Note: This use case/solution can be implemented in both Classic and Lightning Experience.] While process builder has the ability to post to chatter, its capabilities are a bit simplistic. In process builder, you can post to a user, a chatter group or the record. There is no ability to @mention multiple users dynamically. Users can […]

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VisualforceAccessMetrics Object – Summer’17 — ABI SF BLOG

VisualforceAccessMetrics object, Salesforce providing this object to query metrics on the visualforce pages. We can use this object in salesforce SOAP API. Example Query: SELECT ApexPageId,DailyPageViewCount,Id,MetricsDate FROM VisualforceAccessMetrics About fields of this object: DailyPageViewCount field: This field is type of integer and it stores daily page view count. MetricsDate: This field is type of date […]

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Spring 18 New Features — Naveen Dhanaraj

Spring 18 New Features and My Favourites: 1.Personalize Your Nav Bar: 2.Open Record In New Tabs: 3.Themes and Branding: Create a New Theme for your Company, 4.Override Standard button based on Environment: 5.Setup Icons are Darker: 6.Deactivate Org: 7.User Management settings 1.)Enhanced Profile List Views 2.) User Self Deactivate 3.) Enhanced Profile User Interface. […]

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Deploying on Heroku — Master’s Decoded

I have never used Heroku for deploying an application or a service, this was the first time I was using Heroku. And the purpose of using Heroku was to compare CaaS (Container as a Service) vs PaaS (Platform as a Service) as a part of my project for the course Cloud Architecture. Heroku is a container […]

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Create formulas in Word tables — PC Tipster’s Blog

Although I’d recommend doing calculations in Excel and copy/paste into Word, this video (done in 2007 yet still 100% relevant to the most current versions) demonstrates the methodology. I would not suggest using complex formulas as you have to think out the cell reference, i.e. B8 by counting rows and columns manually

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Looking deep inside OData Controllers — Mirko Maggioni

ASP.NET 4.5 has three different class which we can inherits to implements the controllers: Controller, ApiController and ODataController. In the latest applications that I implemented, because they were SPA, I used rarely the classic Controller (know as MVC controllers) and I developed a huge number of ApiController and ODataController. The first ones are used to […]

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Introducing S3Guard: S3 Consistency for Apache Hadoop — Big Data Path

Synopsis This article introduces a new Apache Hadoop feature called S3Guard. S3Guard addresses one of the major challenges with running Hadoop on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), eventual consistency. We outline the problem of S3’s eventual consistency, how it affects Hadoop workloads, and explain how S3Guard works. Problem Although Apache Hadoop has support for using […]

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